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Chasing Amy

Comic books, dick & farts jokes, sexual experimentation, relationships and a small dose of Jay & Slient Bob

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 15th February, 2015

Kevin Smith’s third film could be considered critically the best film he has ever made. Following from Mallrats, which was panned by the critics yet loved by audiences (after it was released on the home video market), this low budget film was not expected to do much.

What we have here is a very different kind of romantic comedy, and for Kevin Smith, one that focuses more and more on the drama side rather than comedy, something a little different than what was seen in Mallrats and Clerks (Smith’s first film).

The story starts with Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards at a comic book convention with their friend, Hooper X. After one of Hooper’s panel publicity stunts, Holden and Bank meet Hooper’s friend, Alyssa Jones. All of them are professional independent comic book writers promoting their work. They all go for a drink at a nearby bar. Holden starts to get to know Alyssa and tries working his charms on her. It appears to be working, but Alyssa leaves.

Holden is invited to go to a club by Alyssa, through Hopper and Banky tags along. At first they don’t realise that it is a lesbian club. Holden talks with Alyssa, flirting again, talking about the area in New Jersey where they both grew up. Alyssa is then convinced to sing by the friends in the band. Holden thinks that Alyssa is singing to him, but she spots a girlfriend of hers and immediately goes and starts making out with her. This freaks out Holden and Banky loves it especially watching them. Holden eventually makes an excuse and they leave.

Alyssa comes round to see Holden. They start talking, and they hang out. Over time Holden starts to fall in love with her. Eventually he has to tell Alyssa. At first she is mad at him, but then admits that she loves him too. They start having a relationship, which causes problems with both of their respective friend groups.

Banky start digging up stuff about Alyssa’s sexual past. This pisses of Holden, and leads to a huge fight with Alyssa. After a conversation with Jay and Silent Bob, with Bob relating a story with something similar but with a girl called Amy, in which he feels he spends his time since `Chasing Amy`.

Holden then meets with Banky and Alyssa at the same time with a plan. He thinks to get over all their problems; they all need to have sex together. Holden feels Banky is actually in love with him, and he needs to have experiences on the same level as her. Alyssa slap him and leaves. Banky goes to his room.

We jump to a year later on a comic convention; Banky and Holden are promoting their own comics. They have an unspoken conversation; Banky lets him know that Alyssa is there. Holden speaks to Alyssa and gives her a comic he has written about their relationship. They part on good terms.

This whole film is a very good drama/comedy with good solid performances and excellent direction. The whole film is very low budget, but this is the type of film that doesn’t need lots of money.

Ben Affleck is good in his role; he plays it with conviction and is believable in what he does. Joey Lauren Adams does a very good job at portraying the wild child free spirit that does things on her terms. But the whole film is pretty much stolen by Jason Lee. His character, although portrayed as the idiot, is the most entertaining character within the film.

All in all this is one of the best films I have seen. It may not be original but it is a very entertaining, and a very engrossing story. There are lots of characters that are interesting and conversations that feel very realistic. The humour may not to be everyone tastes but it fits mine perfectly.


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