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With ghosts all over Manhattan, who ya gonna call? A smart alec, a brainiac and a big kid!

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 30th January, 2015

This is one those films that is so timeless and virtually liked by everyone. It's a perfect little comedy about chasing and catching ghosts. I'm sure every one reading has seen it (shame on you if you haven't!!!!!!)

Well this one I'm going to have to be very biased about. This is the first film I saw in the cinema. And I totally loved it, and still do. To be honest I can't say a bad thing about this film.

The characters are likeable entertaining and fun to watch as they banter with each other. It is a great shame about the passing of Harold Ramis last year. Something that did actually freak me out a little if I'm honest. This meant that no more Ghostbuster films will be made at least with the cast I grew up with. Let's face it Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray are the perfect trio in this very original comedy. It has been over thirty years since this film came out and I still haven't seen it bettered. I even enjoy the sequel!

Bill Murray steals every single scene as Peter Venkman. From the very beginning with him trying to chat up the cute student, all the way to the end where he is the only Ghostbuster that isn’t covered in marshmallow. Harold Ramis gives a fantastic deadpan performance as Egon Spengler, as the true brains of the trio. His serious is the key contribution of the group always analysing and researching. Dan Aykroyd is perfect as Ray Stantz the enthusiastic big kid of the group. Always eager to get into action and the long speeches that only Dan Aykroyd has ever been able to deliver.

The story is pretty much straightforward. It starts by showing how the Ghostbusters were formed, and pretty much leads into the big baddy that they have to defeat at the end of the film. The entire film has different styles of comedy, from wit to slapstick, this should hold just about very demographic. Everything is perfectly timed and executed. It doesn’t feel too long, the story holds throughout the film, obviously by the purely entertaining performances done by the entire cast.

Ghostbusters is also considered to be the first big budget special effects comedy. It started a trend, which has been followed by such blockbusters as Men In Black and Evolution. More and more sci-fi adventure films have had comedy injected to them with varying amount of success. Nothing managed the balance quite like Ghostbusters, though.

Now this film may not to be everyone’s taste. I would believe that it would more be targeted for a male demographic, but many women I have met in my life also enjoyed but don’t necessary enjoy it as much. This could be more thanks to the primary cast being male dominated.

This was first film I ever saw at the cinema, and I still remember the joy of watching it that first time. I was 6 years old and wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Every time I watch it I still enjoy it. Something I can’t say that about many films I have seen in my life. So I have and always will be a Ghostbusters fan.


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