Flicks From The Past!

Greatest Intros - Superman (1978)

You will be believe a man can fly just by the intro!

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 5th September, 2015

Oh what an intro! Nothing has been so respectful and yet bring some new as well as the Richard Donner's Superman. You knew from the beginning that you were going to get something special!

The respectful intro setting up the way Superman was introduced in the comics all those years ago, just shows that the whole project will be treated with respect.

The music buildup. The credits just slowly coming into view then blasting past. All work perfectly to build that this is going to be an epic and boy it doesn't disappoint! It just builds and builds till Superman's `S` symbol comes into view and then you know that you're in for something special.

In fact this is one of the many things that Bryan Singer did right (just a shame that the plot was too slow and boring as it was very respectful to this film). He updated this style of opening only with the better use of special effects, but still paying homage to this superb opening.

If you haven;t seen it watch it below.

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