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Iconic Scenes - Lightning bolt at the Clock Tower (Back to the Future)

Racing to hit 88mph whilst trying to catch lightning.....

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 1st September, 2015

This is the finale of the first Back to the Future film, and boy does this get the blood pumping. With Doc Brown running around trying to get the cable in place properly after it had been knocked down and Marty trying to get the Delorean working again by head-butting the steering wheel. There is a perfect amount of danger and peril through out.

Although as it’s a Hollywood flick, so we all know everything is going to work fine. But the scene is shot and edited perfectly to a iconic image that has stayed with the whole franchise. A Delorean with a hook and pole hitting some electrified cable at 88mph. Wonderful stuff.

The only thing I can ask is why Doc Brown didn’t just get more cable and have it running along the ground or at least give it more slack? But that wouldn’t be a film then…

See below for the scene on our YouTube channel just in case you haven’t seen Back to the Future (shame on you!).

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