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Scenes Remade Better – Tron & Tron Legacy

The light cycles were good, and now they are perfect!

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 13th September, 2015

Tron Legacy was seen as a remake/sequel to Tron. The story may not have been improved by much but there has been so much more than that.

Tron is a classic and famous for its use of CGI, even though it uses very little of it. The one scene that every on remembers is the computer generated light cycles. The reason they remember it? Simple, it looked amazing and unlike anything anyone had seen before.

The speed, the motion, all made the seen so iconic. This made Tron so memorable, which is good as the rest of the film is pretty forgettable. The look of the film was really the most interesting thing.

For years after Tron’s release and failure, the cult following that grew (which were generally computer geeks of which I count myself one of!) were demanding a sequel, remake or just something that would allow the chance to see more of this world.

In 2009, some test footage of how a new Tron film would look was released and everything looked totally amazing. The style was consistent with the original but was significantly updated. It was Tron, but for the new age.

The focus was on the one thing that everyone remembered, the light cycles. This time it was faster, the camera angles more insane, the feel of speed was so perfect. The makers even went as far to replicate the some of the shots of the original Tron. And the de-resing of the bikes looked fantastic.

Then in 2010, Tron Legacy was released. From special effects, design and look of the electronic world, this film blew everyone away. It looked completely amazing. I dare anyone that was a fan of the original to say that it didn’t at least amazing.

The effects for the light cycle sequence not only matched the test footage but even surpassed it. The shots were more adventurous and extended more on the ideas in the test footage.

To see the differences, you can watch both light cycle seqences back to back from Tron & Tron Legacy below.

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