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Should Disney make any more Star Wars films?

The force is with us, but should we use it anymore…

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 4th June, 2015

Later this year, the start of a new trilogy will be released, and next year we have a spinoff film, called Rogue One. The question is do we really want or need any more Star Wars films?

Star Wars has always been immensely popular since the day the original film was released in 1977. All of the sequels have been received in both ways either very well (The Empire Strikes Back) to very badly (The Phantom Menace), although all of which have made a huge amount of money.

I’ll start by saying I’m a huge Star Wars fan. At time of writing I’m 36 years old, and I don’t even remember the first time I watched Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back. I remember recording Star Wars off TV when I was 4 years old and knowing exactly what the film was. I have loved the films for nearly my entire life along with Indiana Jones.

So everyone can say I love the films, and as much as it pains me to say I don’t want to see any more. Here’s why. I’m afraid that it will not be as I remember. The whole reason I love these films is because I remember watching Star Wars, and just being in loved with the whole thing.

Let’s think back to the summer of 1999. The Phantom Menace was at the time the most eagerly awaited film of the time. The hype had blown out of control. Everyone said it was good and gave reasonable reviews. I even saw reviews saying it was better than Return of the Jedi but not as good as the original. Fast forward six months, the hype had died down everyone had said it was the biggest disappointment of all time.

Now why was this? Simple reason the hype was built on nostalgia. All the people wanted the same rush they had when they first saw Star Wars. That just wasn’t going to happen.  This put a sour look on the rest of the prequel films, which weren’t as bad as most believe they were. I believe that this has all the potential to happen again, starting with Episode VII: The Force Awakens later this year. 

Although I will be the first to admit the teasers that have been released really do capture the spirit of the original films more than anything we had seen from the prequel trilogy. Remember though the teasers and trailers for the Phantom Menace looked amazing, especially with the cutting edge technology.

I’m definitely of two minds of the new films coming out.  I loved the teasers; they have all the ingredients to make a film that I will love. We have Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie (always my favourite!) coming back. We have unbelievable shots of the Millennium Falcon dog fighting with TIE Fighters. We have the return of X-Wings, sleeker versions of stormtroopers (much better than the clone troopers!). I could geek out about these teasers all day long, and they do make me want to believe in these films, but… I guess I’m just a little jaded these days.

I truly want these films to be great, but really do we need more Star Wars films? That is what we need to ask ourselves. Is there really more to the story that we want to know? Return of the Jedi ended nicely with the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader, which leads to the defeat of the Empire. Do we really need to know more after that? Until Disney classified them as non-canon, we had numerous books, comics, games etc. All detailing various characters, this was enough for me I would be happy to see animation or something similar but not another film.

The best thing to have done was to have left Star Wars as a trilogy, ending back in 1983. George Lucas should have stuck with what he said he would do, move on to other things. That way everyone could remember the original trilogy as they did when they first saw it. This includes making countless (and pointless) revisions to films that were perfectly fine as they were. At least now with Disney owning the Star Wars films, this should no longer happen or we hope…

Let’s face it; I’m going to love these films no matter what. I loved the original trilogy; I even liked the prequel trilogy; hell I even liked the Clone Wars animated movie (and just about everyone hated that!). All I want to see though is something more original, and leave what I watched as a kid alone.

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