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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser (2014)

In one brief moment, millions of fans rejoiced!

Written By: Andrew Lowe

Date: 30th November, 2014

Breaking the rules a little here for this site, but it’s Star Wars for god’s sake!

First off I must confess I’m a Star Wars fan. I can’t help it I will love anything with the Star Wars name. I even like the prequel trilogy. There I have said it. Hopefully you are still reading.

The teaser itself doesn’t show any of the story. Any one that has seen it will tell you that. I don’t think though that was the point of this. I think Lucasfilm and Disney have been very clever with this teaser. With the backlash caused by the prequel trilogy with the overuse of CGI, I think the goal of this teaser was to get the original trilogy’s spirit back. Now do you think they succeeded? Oh hell yes!

The sleeker design of the stormtroopers, the redesigned X-Wings and the cool looking big bad longsword-type lightsaber all are really cool features. All showing the new actors that will be featured in the film, although no mention of any of the original cast as of yet.

But the one thing that brought the originals back to me was… the return of the Millenium Falcon, with what has to be one of the greatest dog fighting shots I have ever seen on film. In fact it reminds of the extra shot they added of the Falcon for the 1997 special edition of the original Star Wars.  Having that shot tied in with the theme, it reminds me exactly how I used to feel watching the original Star Wars.

Without getting my hopes too high (that’s me probably lying to myself), I can say this teaser looks very promising. You can’t say anything else, as there is no story shown yet. But it definitely has the spirit of the original trilogy.

Now I just have to try and be patient and wait for another year for this film! Guess I’ll be breaking out the Star Wars blu-rays again when not watching this over and over again…


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